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High Five: Paradise X1

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PlayEvoke proudly presents you our new born project: Paradise X1
Grand Opening available on 29th of August 2020 - 21:00 GMT + 1

Greetings to everyone!

Our team decided to launch Paradise X1, an unique High Five private server, based on official Platform by NCsoft! 
Hardcore, Casuals and Competitive players from East to West will be gathered in one server... Paradise X1 

A short introduction into our new world: Paradise X1 (Hardcore - Unique - Quality)



ux4w04I.png Experience: X1

NoWqJsN.jpg Skill Points: X1

FqVB0gZ.jpg Adena: X1

l8vjOEe.png Drop: chance X1, amount X1

2Q9tq7C.png Spoil: chance X1, amount X1

WJTawlT.png Manor: X1

t1R9jUM.jpg Quests - Item Drop: amount X1

HFI1FTL.jpg Quests - Rewards: Exp X1, Adena X1

PzfPZnO.jpg Raid Boss Drop: Chance X1, Drop X1

OgtbD3G.png Epic Boss Drop: Chance X1, Drop X1, Adena X1




pAMDaa8.png Server Platform: L2OFF by NCsoft (We do not use: L2J or Advext)
xIU4orU.jpg Starting Pack: Standard NCsoft equipment & shots
qjDZmLh.jpg Premium Account:

  • Swq0oHz.jpg Unlock's additional box
  • h6Mb3A3.jpg Grants users a 30% Exp/Sp bonus
  • 6J3tBlj.png Special unique proxy!

Y3QKokV.jpg Paradise Shop: Includes premium consumables as on official servers 

  • VoBNLBJ.jpg Cloak's 
  • WC2qxyP.jpg Hat's
  • XOmRwNe.jpg Agathion's
  • jgpwHLS.jpg Class change (first class & second class quest items)
  • 3WMhdTR.png Weight Limit
  • TtrywLu.png Services: Transfer Character, Nickname Change, Gender Change, E-mail Change

NodER0Q.jpg No Pay to Win - Donations are not rewarded with large advantages over players who do not donate.


There will be NO Vitality replenishing items at the beginning of the server. 

Pzxl1QU.jpg Box Limit: 2 boxes allowed. (Restriction will be removed when server load is decreased.)
8JPcvw1.jpg Buffer: Standard Newbie Guide.
elncsP7.png Third class quest: Retail
iDZMbVz.png Subclass quest: Retail
X1bqVdG.png Noblesse quest: Retail
ybUiahP.png Class Change: Could be purchased in-game at the following prices

  • 64uEFMZ.png 1st Class: Kbgav2C.jpg 500,000 Adena / WQ31tXP.jpg 25 E-Coins (2,5 $)
  • 64uEFMZ.png 2nd Class: Kbgav2C.jpg 3,000,000 Adena / WQ31tXP.jpg 75 E-Coins (7,5 $)

EaIbW2b.jpg Offline Shops: Available via Offline Ticket from in-game store
hTYS0mg.png Cursed Weapons: Available after 21 days!
UNMNbY9.jpg Donations: Available from the beginning!


The funds are credited directly to your personal account from account panel.

fYaYI6C.png Autoloot: Disabled.
HPnY5Ac.png Seven Signs: Starting on
dqOvdgc.png Grand Olympiad: Starting on
LoITMhy.png Sieges: Starting on 
4A4BG5E.jpg Clan Hall Auctions: Starting on
wq2oK7n.jpg Item Broker: Available on
KKRN7Su.png Antibot: Customized Anti-Cheat. 


Just because you’re at work, with family, or studying for exams doesn’t mean you have an excuse to use them, everyone should play fair!

5cP5EsP.png No Wipes: A long term stable project!


Feel free to dig in for the long haul and take time to explore all Lineage 2 High Five has to offer.

UBxuUYX.png Vote System: Receive rewards every 12 hours by voting us 

  • Topzone  
  • Hopzone

ONjVjYG.png Secured DDoS Protection 


Available for both, website and game server.

csD5FnL.png International English based community!
svnyANU.png Key Features

  • Pailaka, Kamaloka and Labyrinths - with actual awards.
  • Drake Warrior, Drake Scout, Drake Mage, Drake Leader, Knoriks: chance drop/spoil for vesper x1
  • Kariks: Bloody Karik, Bloody Berserker, Bloody Karinness: chance drop Vorpal items - x1

YqJVzBw.png Scheduled Server Restarts: 12:00 GMT+1 on Monday (Except when a delicate situation occurs).

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